Just how clever are these card counters?

Now you better start getting your maths sharpened up, because this is getting heavy on numbers. Okay, we are not going to flatten you with strings of figures right now. But at https://www.online-casino-new-zealand.org you will find some Blackjack games online where you could really test yourself and your skills at counting the cards that have been in play. Counting cards is a well-known technique to try and gain an advantage over the casino at Blackjack. It helps you to obtain information about what has happened in the game so far and what could yet happen. The key part is that you know which cards could still appear on the table and which are already out of play.

Start with the basics

There is some literature around from guys who started developing this technique as long as 60 years ago or even longer. They got stuck into this before computers were really handy and all. But let's face it, they also had an easier task than they would have today. After all, this is a game of cat and mouse between the casino operators and the players too. As soon as the former find out that they have been beaten to the money, they will try and wrestle back the upper hand. These days, more emphasis is put on adding more cards to the game and to shuffle them more often. This makes the game rather unpredictable.

Single or double deck games were standard in the 1960s. But these days you would rather meet six or even eight decks of cards in a casino. Also, the tools of the casino operators have improved over the years. In online casinos, the operators can supervise the players by algorithm and see whether they are applying the same strategies time and again. But why are people still having success with it? Well, some clever players know how to adjust their playing style from time to time. This helps them to make sure that they will not get caught doing something that is actually rather frowned upon. A varied style of play can help with covering up the counting of cards.


A game turned into science

The more you think about it and the more you play Blackjack with system, the game turns into a complex science. Playing from the bottom of your heart could mean that you will take unnecessary risks. It could also mean that you play straight into the dealer's hands. Playing by system or by method could also mean that you are overcomplicating things however. Be sure that you really know what you are doing if you start counting cards. If you get caught up, all the effort may be in vain. This is particularly the case if you try something really complicated, but you miss out on some information that would have been key to your plans.

Concentration is key

You do not have to be a prophet to know that memorizing long strings of information is very difficult. Once you decide to start collection information about the flow of cards, you need to concentrate really hard. Also, instead of taking it very seriously, you can also see card counting as an exercise to improve your concentration. After all, with all the shuffling going on and random number generators taking over duties from the real dealers in video games, the method is not so effective online anyway. But some extra concentration capacity might probably help you elsewhere. Maybe you are a student - and there you would also need to memorize things for exams for example.

  • Counting cards requires high concentration
  • The effectiveness online is limited
  • Online casinos have counter-measures in place

Finally, if you want to be successful at Blackjack online, you may rely on other things as well. Make sure you know all the rules of the game. And more importantly, make sure you know them to the detail, so you can use them to your own advantage. This also goes a long way to help you mitigating risks. One thing you might try is to buy an insurance in the game, to make sure a Blackjack hand by the dealer will not make you go bust. Another option you have is rather of the offensive nature. As soon as you hold two equal cards (two Tens, two Kings, etc.), you can split your hand and hope for double success.

Last modified: 21 January 2021